NABL Accreditation Consultancy Services for Medical Laboratory

Quality Council of India has NABL as its Constituent Board. The goal of NABL is to provide the government and associated industries with a scheme for Conformity Assessment Body's Accreditation that includes a third-party technical competence assessment of medical laboratories. NABL follows ISO 15189:2012 standards that are recognized worldwide for lab and medical certification. ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Co-operation) and APAC (Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) both follow these guidelines. Consequently, India now follows the world's accreditation standards by following NABL.

In order to achieve this objective, NABL provides laboratory accreditation services to laboratories that are performing tests/calibrations in accordance with NABL criteria based on an internationally accepted standard for laboratory accreditation ISO15189. These services are offered in a non-discriminatory manner and are accessible to all testing and calibration laboratories in India and abroad, regardless of their ownership, legal status, size and degree of independence.

What is Laboratory Accreditation?

The concept of Laboratory Accreditation was developed to provide a means for third-party certification of the competence of laboratories to perform specific type(s) of testing and calibration.

Laboratory Accreditation provides formal recognition of competent laboratories, thus providing a ready means for customers to find reliable testing and calibration services in order to meet their demands.

Laboratory Accreditation enhances customer confidence in accepting testing/calibration reports issued by accredited laboratories. The globalization of the Indian economy and the liberalization policies initiated by the Government in reducing trade barriers and providing greater thrust to exports makes it imperative for Accredited Laboratories to be at international level of competence.

What are Benefits of Accreditation?

Potential increase in business due to enhanced customer confidence and satisfaction. Savings in terms of time and money due to reduction or elimination of the need for re-testing of products.

Better control of laboratory operations and feedback to laboratories as to whether they have sound Quality Assurance System and are technically competent. Increase of confidence in Testing / Calibration data and personnel performing work.Customers can search and identify the laboratories accredited by NABL for their specific requirements from the directory of Accredited Laboratories. Users of accredited laboratories will enjoy greater access for their products, in both domestic and international markets, when tested by accredited laboratories.

Role of Us for NABL Accreditation:

The key element to you getting NABL as per ISO 15189 - “Medical Laboratories” accreditation is your quality management system. It all begins with your quality manual and standard operating procedures. When you hire a consultant, create a quality manual that is unique to your Medical laboratory.                                         

We will begin with discussions to learn how your laboratory actually operates. With this information, consultants create an easy-to-read GAP report that meets the ISO 15189 standard and reflects the processes you are already performing. When your processes do not meet ISO 15189 requirements, consultants offer you suggestions for improvement to get you complaints. When we agree on the improvements, consultants write these processes into your quality manual and standard operating procedures.
Whenever you hire a Quality Consultant to get your ISO 15189 accreditation, you will be provided with a unique quality manual, standard operating procedures, and forms, so you can become ISO 15189 accredited by your accreditation body of choice without any stress and headaches.
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