AABB Accreditation

Blood banks or transfusion services must have policies, processes, and procedures for capturing, assessing, investigating, and monitoring deviations from specified requirements. It shall be defined who is responsible for reviewing and who is authorized to dispose of nonconforming blood, components, tissues, derivatives, critical materials, and services. In compliance with specified requirements, deviations, non-conformances, and adverse events should be reported to outside agencies when necessary.

AABB supports making available for patients a safe, adequate, economical and voluntary supply of blood and components, to encourage the voluntary donation of blood and other tissues and organs, to foster scientific investigation, clinical application, education and exchange of ideas, to encourage, advance and certify high standards of administrative and technical performance, to function as a clearinghouse for the exchange of blood and blood credits nationwide, and to plan for cooperation in times of disaster.

What are the Benefits of Accreditation?

  • There are AABB educational programs and publications designed for a variety of careers and expertise levels. Programs are developed, directed, and written by renowned experts in respective fields, enabling individuals to advance their practice and further their careers.
  • Blood testing laboratories with AABB accreditations are able to attract new patients and referrals better, demonstrate a culture of excellence, and reduce costs. AABB-accredited organizations benefit from this support by being able to differentiate their facilities and services from their competitors.
  • Accreditation by AABB is intended to improve the quality and safety of a facility's blood services and demonstrate its dedication to patient safety.
  • AABB members have access to regulatory updates, including how to maintain compliance with changing regulations. 
  • AABB assessors are trained to identify any potential risks or violations that could have a negative impact on patients or donors.
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